Deroo ruilt Kedzierzyn voor Dinamo Moskou
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Sam Deroo trekt naar Dinamo Moskou

 Deroo ruilt Kedzierzyn voor Dinamo Moskou
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Red Dragon Sam Deroo heeft tijdens het EK volleybal een toptransfer gerealiseerd. De 27-jarige Belg ruilt het Poolse Kedzierzyn voor Dinamo Moskou in Rusland.

"Meestal dienen de grootste uitdagingen zich aan wanneer je gelukkig bent waar je bent", schreef hij op Instagram.

 Deroo speelde sinds 2015 voor Kedzierzyn en won er drie landstitels en twee bekers. "Ik voel me klaar voor een nieuwe uitdaging en Dinamo Moskou past perfect in dat plaatje."

Deroo begon zijn profcarrière bij Roeselare. In 2012 trok hij naar Italië waar hij voor Modena en Verona speelde.


❤️💙 Often, the biggest opportunities occur when you are happy where you’re at. - Throughout all summer I was excited to come back to @zaksa_kedzierzyn_kozle after the EC and start a new season with big ambitions as always. Happy to see everyone back and feel at home. - Then things took a turn and the respected Russian powerhouse @vcdynamo expressed their intrest in me. In a short and respectful negotiation all parties came to a mutual agreement. - Everybody happy you would think, and in a way that’s also true. Apart from the fact that not everything is black or white and it feels really hard to part ways like this with a club and a team I have always loved so much. - A passionate combination of an organized club, talented players, hard work and above all an amazing fan support made some of my dreams come true. - We shared joy, laughter, victories and eventually conquered 2 cups and 3 titles in 4 seasons with the club. 🏆 🥇 - Therefor I want to express my gratitude 🙏🏻. - Firstly a big thanks to the club who believed in me 4 years ago putting me in this project. - Thank you Poland 🇵🇱 for showing how much volleyball can unite and bring people together in a passionate way. - Further on I want to thank all my teammates and staff members because these past 4 seasons really taught me that a true team stands for: Together Everyone Achieves More. - And last but not least dziękuje bardzo to all the people and fans of Zaksa who not only yelled and supported us to each victory, but also welcomed me with open arms from day 1. Closing me in your hearts and make me feel home, felt and still feels like a true blessing 😊. - There were some hard, but especially a lot of wonderful times and I’m grateful to have shared them with you. - After 4 seasons though, I also feel ready for a new challenge and I think Dinamo Moscow fits the profile completely. - The different and new league 🇷🇺 will be hard and tough and it’s exactly what I need to keep improving as a player and as a person. I’m excited to start this new chapter and adventure in my life, carrying the past in my heart. - Thank you so much Zaksa Family. I’ll be following you. Mistrz Mistrz Kedzierzyn! ❤️💙

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